Yankees: Gerrit Cole Gives Strongest Endorsement Yet of Aaron Judge’s Health


Gerrit Cole says his New York Yankees teammate Aaron Judge is good to go.

Gerrit Cole seems programmed to make New York Yankees fans especially giddy at every turn.

First, there was his initial decision, which sent shockwaves of joy through the entire Yankee Universe. Then came the press conference, the teary eyes, the inspirational words, and the faded sign proving he’d been (and would continue to be) a fan forever.

Now, apparently, he’s a manager and beat writer, breaking the exact type of news that fans had been clamoring to hear for months.

Cole made his official Yankee Stadium debut this week, tossing peas past Luke Voit, Aaron Hicks, and…Aaron Judge, whose swing was a sight for sore eyes. Heck, he even took the Cole Train deep, for good measure.

In the wake of this clash of the titans, Cole held court with the media on Friday afternoon.

After announcing the birth of his son, Caden Gerrit Cole, and confirming that both mom and baby were resting comfortably, the ace delivered the most reassuring line of Summer Camp thus far. According to Cole, Judge’s powerful swings certainly looked pain-free.

Now, we don’t want that information unless it’s 100% accurate, but at the same time…we really, really wanted it. And it’s backed up by the eye test!

If this comment is any indication, Yankees fans are going to love Gerrit Cole for being forthcoming with information, instead of slightly cagey, which is par for the course for this team when it comes to injury management. For too long, we’ve been forced to listen to Aaron Boone downplay injuries when they first occur, then keep his cards close to the vest during the recovery process.

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Gerrit Cole really let the cat out of the bag on this one, though. Hopefully, he remains a breath of fresh air in more ways than one.