Yankees: Clint Frazier Looks Completely Different in Old Indians Photo


Yankees slugger Clint Frazier looked completely different when he was on the Indians.

Clint Frazier‘s evolution from top prospect with the Cleveland Indians to worthwhile contributor with the New York Yankees has been a long one, but he’s certainly made his mark in the Bronx even if his tenure has been hampered by logjams and injuries.

What many people might not realize is his physical transformation. Frazier is in tip-top shape and his bat speed is almost second to none. That makes it all the more funny when we look at this old picture of him during his time with the Indians.

We’re unsure of when it was taken, but we can venture to say it was shortly after he joined the organization.


Need a bit of a refresher in terms of how Frazier looks now? While this is from January of 2019, the differences are quite notable.

He’s trimmed a few pounds, definitely increased the weight lifting, got rid of the baby face, and gave himself a nice new hairdo. Obviously the beard and long hair disappear once he’s called up to the MLB roster, so this is probably a more accurate version of what Frazier looks like:

Same physique, difference face.

All that work transforming and still no consistent playing time. Does a shortened season in 2020 stand to help the 25-year-old, especially with so many injuries in the outfield? It’s quite possible, considering the rosters are expected to expand and the Yankees would have no reason not to keep him in the bigs to come off the bench or start when there’s a depth issue. And, after all, the minor league season is likely to be canceled. Where else would he go?

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We saw what he could do with consistent playing time last year. In 69 games, he slashed .267/.317/.489 with 31 runs scored, 12 home runs and 38 RBI. If he can find himself in the lineup on a regular basis, he’ll have come a long way from the little baby-faced version of himself during his time in Cleveland.