Yankees: 3 Injuries That Officially Killed the 2019 Season

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The 2019 New York Yankees went “next man up,” but couldn’t sustain their title chances beyond these three injuries.

The 2019 New York Yankees were rightfully proud of their “next man up” mentality, and somehow NEVER ran out of next men.

Unfortunately, when the regular season turns to October baseball, every roster spot is magnified with every absence intensified. While 25 reliable forces from the minors, scrap heap, and other ancillary feeders managed to keep the team afloat (and beyond) all season long, there finally came a point where three very specific maladies pushed the team over the edge. The story of the 2019 season has too often involved a terrifying final chapter featuring a buzzing second baseman concealing his chest by reflex, but the incredible team effort had evaporated a bit beforehand thanks to some catastrophic late roster hits.

With apologies to Aaron Judge’s undisclosed rib fracture and lung issue (seriously, how was he allowed to fly across the country?), these three Yankees injuries at the worst possible time finally did this amazing campaign in against the Astros.