Yankees undermined by two former players in Astros sign-stealing scandal

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The New York Yankees were undercut by two ex-teammates in the Astros sign-stealing scandal. Both Brian McCann and Carlos Beltran were present in the Astros’ dugout when their club participated in the sign-stealing scheme. As we currently are aware, at least Beltran actively participated in the illegal activity.

The entire baseball world was rocked last Monday when MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred issued a full report on the results of the Houston Astros’ electronic sign-stealing investigation and revealed the punishment handed down.

Even after all MLB teams were warned by Commissioner Manfred, following the Boston Red Sox Apple watch sign-stealing effort, not to engage in this type of activity in the future, the ‘Stros brazenly made illegal use of camera surveillance and electronic communications to decode pitch selection signs flashed by opposing catchers.

Not since the infamous Black Sox Scandal involving a plan by eight players to rig the outcome of the 1919 World Series has baseball experienced such a significant indignity. Nearly every media outlet, including all the major ones, are covering the Houston sign-stealing story.

By any standards, this was an extensive investigation conducted by the MLB Department of Investigations (DOI). The DOI interviewed 68 witnesses, including 23 current and former Astros’ players (with some questioned multiple times).

Also, the DOI reviewed tens of thousands of emails, Slack communications, text messages, video film, photographs, and various forms of other kinds of signs. The ‘Stros fully cooperated with the inquiry.