Yankees loss in ALCS Game 6 leaves us all disappointed


Over the next few days, you’re likely going to see and perhaps even read three distinctively different takes from Yankees fans and pundits alike.

The first Yankees take will be a doomsday recap of what went wrong against the Astros in the ALCS, especially Game 6. The second will be an immediate look ahead to the 2020 season and all the potential moves the Yanks need to make to stay competitive.

And finally, they’ll be one or two pieces that fondly look back on 2019, as a whole. However, any light-hearted walks down memory lane probably won’t be well received, at least until the World Series concludes.

Right now, less than 24 hours after watching Aroldis Chapman give up a two-run walk-off homer to Jose Altuve that ended the Yankees’ season — is a time for reflection. Instead of shooting wildly from the hip, I’ll merely say I’m disappointed and gather my thoughts.

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No, I’m not going to call out any one player in particular — they’ll be plenty of time for that this winter. Rather, watching and recounting most of the 171 meaningful games the Yanks played this year (not counting spring training), only to get knocked out of contention two wins shy of competing for that elusive 28th World Series title is an awful feeling.

It feels like a punch to the gut — the wind altogether leaving your body as you gasp for air. I can only imagine what the front office, coaching staff, and most importantly, the 25 men that were on the ALCS roster feel like.

For the first time since the 1910s, the Bombers will have gone an entire decade without a World Series appearance. That’s what can happen when your ballclub has expectations, and even though this collective group of players personified the ‘Next Man Up’ mentality, they ran out of gas at the worst possible time.

So get ready to say goodbye to a few select players, hello to at least one starting pitcher — and let this loss sink in. Because anything you say right now will be backed by raw emotion, and once it’s out there, good, bad, or indifferent, it’s for all the world to see, forever.

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Let’s revisit the anguish of the Game 6 loss another day — we’ve got plenty of time until Hot Stove season begins. Man, I wasn’t ready for the 2019 season to end — not yet anyway.