Yankees unsurprisingly most valuable team in MLB at $4 billion

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 04: Masahiro Tanaka
NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 04: Masahiro Tanaka /

Though the Yankees find themselves in the middle of the pack concerning their AL East standing, there’s no doubt nor surprise they are yet again the wealthiest franchise in all of baseball.

Each year, Forbes magazine releases its valuations of the most valuable Major League Baseball teams in all the land. And like clockwork, over the past 21 years, the New York Yankees have been perched atop the charts each time.

As for the most recent calculations, Forbes estimates the Yanks’ worth to be a whopping $4 billion. That’s a lot of scaharoles if you ask me.

Rounding out the top 10 richest franchises:

  1. Yankees: $4 billion
  2. Dodgers: $3 billion
  3. Cubs: $2.9 billion
  4. Giants: $2.85 billion
  5. Red Sox: $2.8 billion (not to mention, Boston has the highest payroll in baseball)
  6. Mets: $2.1 billion
  7. Cardinals: $1.9 billion
  8. Angles: $1.8 billion
  9. Phillies: $1.7 billion
  10. Nationals: $1.675 billion

As for retired Yankees great, turned chief executive officer of the Miami Marlins, Derek Jeter — his club comes in at No. 29 on the list, currently sitting at an even $1 billion.

For those still wondering why Jeter and his ownership group had the equivalent of a going out of business sale this past winter, this is what happens when you pay $1.2 billion for an inferior product. You’ve got to make up that $200 million somewhere.

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The only team worse off in terms of straight cash, homie (Randy Moss voice), also resides in my home state of Florida — the Tampa Bay Rays and their $900 million value.

Yet as MLB commissioner, Rob Manfred, continues to complain about his sport, most recently, how he feels the use of dominant bullpen’s is bad for business, the average value of a franchise is up seven percent from last year to $1.645 billion.

According to Forbes, the Yankees join the Dallas Cowboys as the only teams in professional sports worth $4 billion.

Generating almost 20 percent more than any other MLB club, the Yankees are in a class all their own. With $619 million grossed in 2017 alone, the value of the Bombers is said to rise 15 percent annually.

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All this for a measly $8.7 million spent by George Steinbrenner in 1973, when he purchased controlling interest of the Yanks from CBS. Talk about hindsight.