Yankees: The tale of general manager Brian Cashman

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Merriam-Webster describes a dynasty as a “sports franchise which has a prolonged run of successful seasons”. Yeah, that’s the Yankees.

Brian Cashman was named Senior Vice President and General Manager of the New York Yankees in 1998. He was the first Yankee GM to win three World Series titles in his first three years.  During his first 14 years at the helm, the Bronx Bombers won 9 consecutive division

During his first 14 years at the helm, the Bronx Bombers won nine straight division titles, then again in 2009, 2011 and 2012. Overall during his

Overall during his 20-year tenure, from 1998 to 2017, the Yanks have been to the playoffs 16 times while winning 12 AL East titles, 10 ALDS, 6 ALCS and four World Series Championship.

In that span, the club won 1890 games, losing 1350 — a .583 clip and averaged over 90 wins per season. Only Brian Sabean and Billy Beane have longer GM and head of baseball operations tenure.

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Both of them were named general managers of their respective teams in 1997, one-year before Cashman, but neither one comes close to Cashman’s statistical success.

The only GM that boasts a record comparable to Cashman’s is John Schuerholz. From 1990 to 2007, Schuerholz served as general manager of the Braves. During his 17 years, the Braves compiled an impressive 1548-1158 record — a 92 win per year average and played at a .578 clip.

Those Braves won 14 division championships, five pennants and one World Series ring.

In fact, in Cashman’s 20 years at the helm, the Yankees never had a losing season. No other team or GM in baseball history can make that claim.

Many would argue that Cashman inherited his early success with his already in place “Core Four” Yankees. I say that is nonsense. As GM, Cash would have taken the blame if the team had losing seasons the first seven years. Just ask Terry Francona, GM of the 2011 Boston Red Sox.

The 2017 Yankees played to within one game of a World Series appearance. No one can argue that these Yanks are Cashman’s Yanks.

On December 11, 2017, Cashman, Baseball Executive of the Year, signed a five-year, $25 million contract with the Yankees to keep him as General Manager through 2022.

Cashman then shocked the world and brought the 2017 NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton to his already championship caliber team in a blockbuster trade with Derek Jeter’s Marlins.

I would not be surprised if the Yankees win the next five division titles and at least few World Series rings by 2022.

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Brian Cashman already fits the definition of a dynasty. If he isn’t already the best GM in MLB history, he is certainly the most successful. Is he the greatest of all time? The next five years will “tell the tale.”