Yankees: Brandon Drury is way more than a stopgap to Manny Machado

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What happens to Didi?

Despite what you might have heard, the Yankees’ organization is not hurting for money. They are just reprioritizing to the new approach of the business of baseball.

Now here’s the rub: according to Bob Nightengale of the USA Today, Machado wants to be a Yankee — and the feeling is mutual. It’s the main reason they didn’t bring back Todd Frazier, and never really considered free agent Mike Moustakas.

By the same token, Machado has let it be known that he fully intends to play shortstop for the remainder of his career. But the Yanks already have an All-Star caliber player in that position. His name is Didi Gregorius.

So unless Sir Didi, of his own volition, concedes that he will move to another spot in the infield, how’s this all going down? Now, sure, Manny could backpedal, and say he’s willing to head back to the hot corner for the “privilege” of playing in the Bronx.

Which inherently puts Miguel Andujar in the crosshairs of a strict DH role, while Stanton moves back to a corner outfield spot and Torres is firmly planted at second base. Or, and here’s the giant consideration, Andujar becomes expendable and therefore is trade bait!

How dare I mutter those words aloud. The Yankees trading a prospect — preposterous! But that’s the truth if Machado is brought onboard.

The bottom line is that the Yankees as an organization — and we, the fans, can’t have it all. I honestly feel general manager Brian Cashman knows that — hence the moves he’s been making over the past 18 months.