Yankees: Brandon Drury is way more than a stopgap to Manny Machado

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Manny Machado could change everything

I understand Andujar’s closed eyes toss is a drill to get the kid more comfortable with his surroundings — and hey, if it fixes some of his accuracy concerns, I’m all for it. But this isn’t the type of exercise you do with a big league ready third baseman.

Neither Torres or Andujar is “blocked” (which I’ve also incessantly read online) by the acquisition of Drury. And that is fine and dandy. But what if, and follow me here — all three show signs of having the keys to a championship caliber Yankees’ club?

We already know Drury can play five different positions; Torres should be able to handle second base or third base due to his natural shortstop ability, and Andujar was even used strictly as a DH during his brief stint with the Yanks in 2017.

Fast forward to 2019, and the Yankees at the very least, reach the playoffs, make some noise — and maybe, just maybe win the whole dang thing. For this exercise, I won’t speculate that the Yanks miss the playoffs because that would change everything I’m about to say.

Manny Machado, who’ll turn 26 in July, is set for a payday never before seen in professional sports. Remeber, this is a guy who’s idol is Alex Rodriguez.

What happens if and when Machado asks for a 10-year, $350-400 million contract?

Could the Yankees feasibly employ both he and Giancarlo Stanton — not to mention 23 other big leaguers at the same time? If Hal Steinbrenner and the boys are willing to blow the luxury tax threshold out of the water for the next decade, then sure.

I mean, it’s part of the reason why the organization is so adamant to stay below $197 million this season, therefore resetting the spending penalties going forward.