Yankees end of year mailbag: Questions and comments from readers

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The Yankees play for the money and the fame. But the fans read and leave comments for the passion of it all. Now, at the end of 2017, here’s a column just for you.

Yankees’’ fans and readers, you do us Yankees writers a great honor when you spend a small portion of your time reading otherwise pointless ones and zeroes. But we gather here at sites like this one because we all love the Yankees.

There’s a difference between the players and the writers, though, outside of the money and the fame and the hot chicks (no one tell my wife I wrote that!); okay, there are a lot of differences.

But the one I was mainly referring to is that they play for money, but we write for love.

And community. I never write an article without hoping it will become part of a larger conversation, out there in Yankees universe. For me, when people take time to read my contribution to that conversation, and in particular then add their thoughts as well, it means being accepted in.

But it also creates a responsibility. This is not just my space to fill; it is ours. So, now, here at the end of the year, this one’s just for you, Yankees’ fans!

I’ve written a lot since last you got your turn, and so we’ll go back all the way to the most debated time of the year, the trade deadline.

And the Blake Rutherford controversy.