Yankees end of year mailbag: Questions and comments from readers

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Gone with the Wind

I wrote a column the day they traded Blake Rutherford, entitled, Yankees Brian Cashman might trade away a blue chip prospect today:

"The 2017 Yankees have a stated policy of not trading any of their top prospects. But recent events might have signaled a change. The Athletics are scouting Blake Rutherford, and that might be the first sign of a big trade."

The article was posted at five; the trade was announced at midnight. But I was against them trading Rutherford for Gray, as were many of the commenters.

"Micsaw • 5 months ago No TRADE, stay the course let’s start from within a new core it’s worked before."

"SportsLover • 5 months ago Let’s keep our young promising talent. Don’t want other teams over-priced, broken-down losers. Let’s win or lose with our exciting youngsters."

And, the very succinct:

"SteveB • 5 months ago NO"

However, after the trade was announced and the Yankees brought back three proven big league players, two of whom were under control for multiple years, most of us were thrilled.

"CDACE13  • 5 months ago I love the trade. I like Rutherford, but he’s showing a lack of power and he’s years away. Clarkin is promising and left-handed but he too is in A ball. Our bullpen is possibly better than last years and will be as well next year."

There was one real downside to my point of view. I actually advocated the Yankees trade Justus Sheffield for Yonder Alonso. I just glanced over the piece to make sure and, yep, I wrote this:

"Or they could be after Yonder Alonso. He is an All-Star as well as a free agent. That last bit keeps him from costing the Yankees a blue chip prospect. They might have to give up a Justus Sheffield, but not a Clint Frazier."

I cringe now reading it. And some of the fans did then.

"BillyBall • 5 months ago Are you kidding us. You think the Yanks are trading there best lefty starter for Alonso who has sucked up until this year and the last month regressed again? This site is not gonna last if you keep posting garbage and have zero knowledge about the farm team. Ill bet anyone on here that Cash would NEVER trade Sheffield for Alonso! Lets make a bet!"

Okay, I also cringe reading that. I might argue about my knowledge of the farm system, but not that this was a really, really (please take a moment to say another million “really”‘s in your head) bad idea. The Billy you named yourself after would have agreed with your rant.

That, of course, was neither the end of the trade deadline nor the end of the speculation.