Aaron Boone will prove you wrong as Yankees manager

BRONX, NY - OCTOBER 19: (L-R) Nick Johnson
BRONX, NY - OCTOBER 19: (L-R) Nick Johnson /

Aaron “Bleepin” Boone is back in the Bronx! On Wednesday afternoon, the 44-year-old 2003 ALCS hero will be introduced to fans and media alike, as the new manager of the Yankees.

Just once, it would be nice for New York to give a guy the benefit of the doubt. Especially when he’s just been named manager of the hometown Yankees.

But no, it seems almost everyone is too pessimistic — too jaded to actually get behind a man who will be at the helm of our favorite team.

So brace yourselves, because on Wednesday at Noon, Aaron Boone will officially be introduced as the new Yankees’ manager.

Unfortunately, long before he steps on the field this spring as skipper, to actually prove his baseball acumen, people left and right doubt the former seven-year ESPN analyst.

One internet source after the other claims that the hiring of Boone comes with too much risk; the hiring of Boone makes the Yankees look racially insensitive; one postseason home run doesn’t qualify him to be manager; or my personal favorite, because he has no coaching experience, Boone and the Yankees are destined for failure. 

Now, none of these sentiments surprise me, after all, this is the Yankees we’re talking about.

We have a hard enough time keeping loyal fans from riding the rails on negativity, let alone getting the rest of the country to understand our philosophy.

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Even going so far as to make an appeal that we should believe in Boone because he was hand selected by the reigning MLB executive of the Year, Brian Cashman, does little to quiet the peanut gallery, that for some reason or another still dislikes Cashman.

You have to go back to 2004 to get an understanding of the type of mindset Aaron Boone really has.

Coming off his dramatic extra-inning home run that sent the Yankees to the World Series, Boone was on top of the world. That is until January 2004, when he blew out his knee playing pickup basketball.

Sure, Boone could have pulled a Jeff Kent and told Cashman that he fell off his truck while washing it. Or do like Clint Barmes and say that he tripped down a flight of stairs carrying groceries.

But no. Boone owned up to the fact that he voided the terms of his one-year, $5.75 million contract. Not only did he miss the entire ’04 season, but he unknowingly started the Alex Rodriguez era in the Bronx when the club traded for A-Rod to replace Boone at third base.

Still not enough for you to believe in the man’s character?

Then listen to what Joel Sherman of the NY Daily News had to say in regards to Boone winning the Yankees’ managerial job.

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"Then, over the course of a few-hour interview last month, Boone surprised his Yankees inquisitors with his grasp of all areas of the game. They knew Boone well enough to expect he would be sincere and confident and poised and well-spoken, but it also became clear Boone had been using his role as an ESPN analyst as something akin to a Ph.D. program in modern baseball.Boone overcame what was missing on his résumé by winning the room, winning over Cashman."