Is Carlos Beltran the right manager for the Yankees?

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - JULY 31: Carlos Beltran
ST. PETERSBURG, FL - JULY 31: Carlos Beltran /

The recently retired switch-hitter will interview for the Yankees managerial opening. He becomes the sixth person to interview for the position, but is he the right guy for the job?

Carlos Beltran recently called it a career. He played for 20 seasons, including two and a half in the Bronx before heading back to Texas to win a World Series with the Astros. However, it was reported on Tuesday morning that Beltran will be the sixth man to interview for the Yankees managerial position.

He will officially interview on Wednesday.

Beltran joins Aaron Boone, Hensley Meulens, Rob Thomson, Eric Wedge and Chris Woodward as the next possible Yankees’ skipper. At this time, Meulens appears to be the front-runner for the job, but anything can change.

Let’s take a look at the case for Beltran. Not only is he beloved throughout the game, but he also has special ties to the Yankees’ organization.

During Beltran’s time with the team, he is credited with helping the development of some of the Baby Bombers as they began their careers, namely Aaron Judge, whom Beltran asked to have his locker placed next to following Judge’s promotion to the majors in 2016.

Almost all of the managers in baseball have at one time or another played in the major leagues. Of the 29 current managers, only four have not played professionally. But none of the former players scored a managerial gig, the year after they retired from playing.

The positives for Beltran managing the Yankees are pretty obvious. He has played with or against basically everyone on the roster. When he did suit up, he was already in that coaching/veteran/father-figure role.

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Beltran has a lot of postseason experience and is now a World Series champion. After two hectic Game 7 series’ in 2017, he knows how to handle pressure.

One of the biggest advantages Beltran has is his Latino background. He is looked up to by almost every Latino player in the game and can help some of the younger, Spanish-speaking prospects find their way in the crowded Yankees’ system.

As for the disadvantages of Beltran becoming the new manager, the biggest looming, is the fact that he retired less than a month ago. The switch from player to manager is a time-consuming process, and with Spring Training just three months away, it’s a short turnaround for someone who has never managed, let alone coached, in the big leagues.

Beltran has stated that he wanted to take some time off from the game but would like to return as a coach at some point. Maybe his desire to interview so quickly is a gut reaction to incurring his first real offseason, and is simply missing the game already? Who knows.

Another thing to consider, if Rob Thomson doesn’t get the Yankees’ managerial job, he will be interviewing for the Phillies bench coach job on Wednesday.

Thomson basically runs Spring Training for the Yankees, so if the Yanks do lose Thomson, having a new manager and new preseason regiment could be a real issue.

I am convinced Carlos Beltran will be a manager in the major leagues at some point. Whether it is this season with the Yankees, or with another team in five-to-10 years time.

As for this season, it’s best if the Yankees picked someone with more coaching experience.

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This is a team that cannot only compete in 2018 but has a real shot at taking home championship No. 28. Beltran molding some of the younger Yanks, when he played there, is nice, but this is no time to take a shot on a guy who just retired and doesn’t know how to coach to the best of his ability — just yet.