Yankees playoffs: Judgment day arrives in the ALCS

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Todd Frazier

Cash and the Yankees wanted to win this year, but they were not going to go all in. Instead of adding a bat the caliber of JD Martinez, they opted for the more affordable Todd Frazier. Yes, they wanted him because he plays third, but they could have gotten both men if they thought they would contend for the World Series.

It was a risky move, a stop gap rather than an impact play. His average was only at .203 although he still hit for power. The hope was he could shore up the bag, allowing Headley to cover first, and occasionally run into a home run; a move right out of the disastrous Chris Carter playbook.

That move paid off big time in game three, however. Home runs are hard to come by in the playoffs, even for the best of players. Frazier, one of the two or three real emotional leaders on this young Yankees team, made that trade a success when he hit his three run, game-winning homer.

On a Clear Day, You can see New Jersey

That gives him one home run in his nine post season games. That’s not much, but it’s just about par based on how much production he was projected to provide. If he hits even one more, the Yankees will have come out way ahead on his acquisition.

Especially when it is unexpected production from fringe players that can make the difference in a playoff series.

That’s what you hope for when you sign a player like him, that his lightning will strike at the right time. Frazier’s timely home run electrified the crowd and his teammates. And sent shock waves through the Astros.

Win or lose, the off-season is coming soon. The actions here in this postseason, though, have already begun to shape this fast coming future. And the team now has a clearer idea of who looks like a Yankees immortal, and who is just part of the walking dead.