Yankees playoffs: Judgment day arrives in the ALCS

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Still Not Exactly Slim and Trim

While it didn’t seem to help Michael Pineda, at least he gave it the old Yankees try and improved his weight and shape during is now-completely over tenure.

CC Sabathia’s efforts, however, are paying off handsomely.

It takes a lot to provide the Big Man the opportunity to go and bathe in the now beautiful glow of his setting, but brightly shining, sun. Twenty or thirty extra pounds might very well be the difference between letting his knee brace stabilize him, and having his weight overwhelm all other efforts.

And he couldn’t go out and lose it this year when the team started to improve. That ‘s why he and the Yankees made it a priority even when it seemed like CC could carry the extra weight. CC’s success now is part of his work over the last four or five years.

The body feeds the mind. The Yankees have stressed that in the past and it is carrying them into a bright future. And a magical present. But that’s not the only friendly spirit haunting the Yankees house.