Yankees playoffs: Baby Bombers prove all things possible for they who try

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Because you can keep going, or you can just go home. It depends if you know you can win it all now, not later. That you’re a team that can beat any other in this, or any, postseason tournament ever.

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It’s simple: If you want to be the best team in baseball, and win this series and the next, all you have to do is play like it.

But you have to know you can do that—as fans and observers know it—not just think you can. You have to believe it like you believe your name is Aaron Judge or Gary Sanchez or Luis Severino. Believe it like you just beat a better team than the one you will face, because you did.

And when you believe it, in your soul and in your guts, then you can go out and force the Astros to believe it, too; to impose your will on your opponent, and create your own Yankees legend.

Because, to paraphrase another man who knew what he could do before he ever climbed onto a horse, the greatest feeling in Yankees baseball is to drive your enemy before you with home runs, to clutch his attempted game winning hits to your bosom, and hear the cries of his fans in the late innings.

And to celebrate a series win on his own home field.

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When you go out tonight, don’t just think about that, believe it. But when you waver, and you might, repeat this simple phrase: We are the New York Yankees.

And that makes all things possible.