Yankees playoffs: Baby Bombers prove all things possible for they who try

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You Yankees can do that if you believe you can. You can go out and accomplish goals that only you believe are possible and find eternal playoff glory. Best of all, you won’t just carve out a legend; you will carve out a Yankees legend.

Because you have as much talent in your bodies as the Astros do, maybe more. We’ve already seen you perform Herculean tasks both during the season and in these playoffs.

You’ve slain your own personal demons and redeemed your playoff struggles, all while defeating the best team in baseball. That’s not easy to do.

But it doesn’t surprise your fans and observers. It gets harder every day for me to keep that line in these superfluous articles of mine. Because, like you dear readers, I’ve seen the big wins and big home runs.

Can I get a Witness?

I was at the ‘comeback game’ against the Orioles and the four day Red Sox beat down in early June. And I wasn’t there alone. Tens of thousands of friends and Yankees fans were with me, going wild.

Bonded by that and so many great experiences this season, we are bound together by this team more now than ever. Bound not just by what we have seen these Yankees do but what we believe they can still accomplish.

And that’s because one thing we all saw was this team play like the most destructive and dangerous team in baseball. And not just for a nice ten-day stretch.

No, we know they can out-hit, out-throw, out-hustle and out-think any team in the tournament. We’ve seen it. And we believe they can be that team for the rest of the playoffs.

The question is, do you Yankees believe it?