Yankees 2017 MVP and the rest of their regular season awards

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Chad Green

WAR: 2.5

Many people might pick Green to win this award. And his numbers certainly speak for themselves: ERA of 1.93 with 65 IP, 33 hits and 99 strikeouts. Even better, his WHIP is 0.750.

And among all AL relief pitchers with a minimum 60 IP, Chad is second in ERA and SO (Kimbrel, Boston). He is seventh in ERA and fourth in WHIP. Green has also shown perhaps the most versatility of all Yankees’ relief pitchers, having started, provided middle relief and closed.

The bad news for Chad is that he was just not quite good enough to be named the Yankees’ Best Reliever. The good news, for the Yankees, is that there is actually someone better on the staff. That’s the mark of a great bullpen.

Winner: David Robertson

WAR: 2.6

This might be a controversial choice as Robertson’s overall numbers are not better than Green’s. Please note that I only use numbers players have with the Yankees.

Now, his ERA is better: 1.16. But in part due to his being a mid-season acquisition, his 30 IP with 14 hits and 42 SO are not as big a contribution as Green’s. Their WHIP’s are close enough to be called even (0.767) but Robertson has only made 25 appearances.

There are three things that tipped the scale towards Robby, though. One is that he has played better since coming over from the White Sox, although that is not something Green had a chance to do. Next is his ERA. Being third in the AL (min. 60 IP) is a powerful statistic.

However, Green is second in ERA. But what wins the award for David is that he is already an experienced and trusted closer. Green might have better numbers overall, but Robertson can do it when it counts most. And that’s how you win Yankees’ awards.

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