Yankees 2017 MVP and the rest of their regular season awards

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The MICP: Runners-Up

Didi Gregorius

Aaron Judge

Matt Holliday

Matt deserves special consideration in this category because of Aaron Judge. There is some correlation between Holliday’s vacation and Judge’s slump. Aaron seems to have returned to being the player he was in the first half as soon as Holliday returned to the team. That’s a powerful presence.

Todd Frazier

WAR: 3.3

Frazier’s numbers are fine: .224/.374/.448 with 11 home runs and four doubles. And that they are better than those during his stint with Chicago this year is strongly in his favor.

But this is about a player’s effect on the Yankees. Frazier has seemingly become a real positive presence in the clubhouse. The way that all the players adopted his thumbs-down tells you how they see him as someone to emulate.

CC Sabathia

WAR: 2.5

CC is no longer the best pitcher on the staff and might be in his last year with the Yankees. But his ERA of 3.81, WHIP of 1.299 and 25 starts are far more than respectable.

His biggest contribution to the Yankees, though, is in that clubhouse, where he wears one of only two 2009 championship rings. His is a quietly loud voice that everyone, especially the Yankees’ young pitchers, hear. They listen, they learn, and the entire Yankees team is better for it.