Yankees 2017 youth movement in review: Casa de suenos

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RF Aaron Judge; 25

You have to wonder if dreams ever came true as well as they did for Aaron Judge. He went from a player with a lot to prove—even to make the Yankees 2017 opening day roster—to the possible face of baseball.

And if the Yankees make the ALDS, and Mike Trout’s Angels are at home watching on TV, he will be.

This is not the place to list his every accomplishment. When the season is over, someone here at YanksGoYard will write a final review, including playoff accomplishments. That’s when every heroic deed will be given its due.

All that needs to be shown here is the prima facia case. Judge has played 142 games and slashed .275/.414/.584. And while he has struck out 196 times so far, he has also scored 115 runs, walked 114 times, hit nineteen doubles, and clobbered the expletive deleted out of 43 home runs.

But to be able to judge Aaron, we’ve gotta get some perspective. His walks are an all-time rookie record, taking over the top spot from Ted Williams. But that’s the past and Aaron dreams in color.

He is currently second in the AL in both OBP and SLG (Mike Trout). And he leads the AL in walks, runs scored, and home runs. As a 25-year-old Yankees rookie.

And the Winner is…

Judge won the first three Rookie’s of the Month awards and will be the ROY. It is doubtful he will win the MVP, but he left no doubt who the most intimidating power hitter is in baseball. The show he put on at the All-Star game didn’t just deliver on the promise; it created a promise of greater things to come.

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And at this point in the season, with the most exciting moments left and legends still to be created, that is the only verdict we can come to: The baby bombers have spent this season creating an even greater anticipation of what they can do.

Not every young Yankees dream can come true. But a year that started with so many hopes has turned into one of the even bigger dreams. And that’s because of the work and effort of so many baby bombers.

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And for each of them, it all started as a dream.

Enough have lived to see those wishes becomes realities to make this a promising postseason. It’s hard to imagine they can win the World Series, but the team in April and May looked like the best in baseball. I hope that’s not too daunting a dream for the new baby bombers.

Because, once you wake up in the Bronx, the reality is that dynasties become the stuff Yankees dreams are made of.