Would Yankees fans trade Judge straight up for Stanton?

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Yankees fans know, and it’s no secret that Giancarlo Stanton is having a career season to be coveted. With the Marlins second in the NL East, they’re unlikely to trade him this season. But, if he were to be available would the Yankees make a deal?

This Yankees season has seen two right fielders on the warpath in two opposite ends of the All-Star Break. Aaron Judge was off to a phenomenal rookie season before winning the Home Run Derby. As with many players before, Judge has slumped after dominating the derby.  He’s striking out more than ever, and now Joe Girardi is giving him a couple of days rest because of this slump.

The difference before and after the All-Star Break for Judge is night and day. I firmly believe the Home Run Derby is the reason behind this horrendous slump. There are just too many examples of this happening before for there not to be a correlation. Now, he still has 37 home runs, but most of those were in the first half. Judge hasn’t been the same since his phenomenal performance in the Derby.

Switch to Stanton, and you’ll see a player who may just hit over 60 home runs this season. Before the All-Star Game, he hit about 21 home runs. Since he’ll have 30 homers since then if he hits his 51st home run. If he does end up hitting 60+ home runs, what’s the cause of this career year? Stanton has always been a power hitter but has never gotten close to this many

Stanton has always been a power hitter, but has never gotten close to this many homers; the most he’s ever hit was 37, and that was three seasons ago. The Marlins are going to be getting a lot of calls this winter about him. But, what will they say?

Would the Marlins even trade him?

The Marlins are a complicated team. They lost their young ace pitcher, Jose Fernandez, in a tragic boating accident. They have quite a bit of good, young players and a good manager in Yankees legend Don Mattingly. And, of course, they have Stanton.

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Given that ‘Jeets’ is part of the group set to purchase the Fish, it’d be astonishing if he let the face of the franchise be dealt. It’d be even more surprising if they traded him after this kind of season, especially if they end up in a Wild Card spot. But, never say never. If they felt they were receiving a great deal, they may be persuaded to deal Stanton.

This is where Aaron Judge and the Yankees come in. Judge and Stanton are only two years apart in age. Stanton has the repertoire and proven track record of consistently good hitting and home run power. Judge, meanwhile, is falling into the same strikeout and hitting slump he did when he was called up last season.

Now, he will most likely be the AL Rookie of the Year still, but it’s not going to be as clear cut with this stump. Bottom line, he has to get back on track and put up a great curtain call for the season. Otherwise, the hype train with Judge is gonna move on without him on board.

This is where Yankees fans come in

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Judge traded. This is merely a general poll to find out where Yankees fans stand. Would you rather have a consistent power hitter like Stanton or a younger version that may or may not turn out as good as he’s shown?

My honest opinion, I would take Judge.

Two years is a big difference in sports years, both in development and ability. And this is only Judge’s first full season; there’s plenty of time for him to work on not striking out as much. On the other hand, 25 is older for a rookie. Typically, older rookies tend to be on more of the ‘bust’ side of players, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with him.

Meanwhile, the prospect of a hitter of Stanton’s caliber is quite alluring. And because he’s proven and the face of his team, getting him would cost more than just Judge.

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But, player-for-player, it’s definitely a trade the front office would consider undoubtedly. So, I want your opinion. Would you do this deal straight up? Or do you give more time to Judge to develop and hopefully he becomes a consistent home run hitter?

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