Yankees fan decides: “If can’t beat’em then join’em!”

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Hello, Yankees fans. New Yanks Go Yard contributor, here! Your one and only Donnie Passmore. Thought maybe I should start by introducing myself to all of you.

Yankees fans may remember me from the comment section of this site. Yet you may not know much about this long time Yankee fan.

Well here goes. I have been a Yankee fan as long as I can remember. My baseball hero was Mickey Mantle. Being from the central part of America, this was not always a popular thing to be. Living in a world filled with Cub and Cardinal fans made it hard,as a kid, to ever be on a little league team know as the Yankees. Hell forbid, getting put on those Black Sox uhhhh I mean White Sox youth teams!  LOL!

I grew up betting my dad, banana splits, on the Yankees kicking the Dodgers or the Cardinals butts in the World Series. Well if you know baseball history. We know who paid at Dairy Queen, now don’t we!

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I have been involved in this game in one capacity or the other for over 53 year. Some 35 years as a coach of either baseball or softball. Yes, was a player off and on till I turned sixty. Still able to hit but, dam those wheels finally fell off!

Now, I have the privilege of watching and helping my baby granddaughter (11 year old). As she mows them down on the mound and bring them home at the plate. She had quite a season last year with 5 no-hitters and 3 perfect games. Wonder if the Yankees could use her?????????

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I still go to minor league games in Peoria, Illinois. Even try to take in a few games in St. Louis and Chicago during the year. That I do not get to do as much, as I once did. Being a parent and grandparent has its reward and punishments. One of those pleasant punishments, is one’s time is not always theirs. But, I would not trade it for anything.

Some of you maybe familiar with my work on another site. I have been writing and publishing articles since 2009. Perhaps, you have read my comments on this site and others. One thing for sure, we definitely have had some stimulating conversation this baseball season.

The writers on this site have given us some topics to sink our teeth into.  We have even had strong and prolong discussions. In the end we begged to differ or totally agree, but either way we learned to value each others opinion(s). I just hope, I can add something?

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So as you can see, I could not beat them so I decided to join them!

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