Yankees final farm report: The summer is ending but not the harvest

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(19) SP Deivi Garcia: 18/Pulaski


Deivi (another cool name) may be 18 now, but he started this season as a 17-year old; his birthday’s in May. He was signed just two years ago and looked like a typical, long-term teenage prospect. But he seems to be ahead of the learning curve.

He hurled across three leagues this season, with just 33 hits in his collective 51.1 IP so far. But he is still trying to learn how to go deeper in games, as would be expected at 18; Chance Adams is 22 and still working on it. So it’s more than possible that Deivi is destined for the relief corp.

But as he put up 72 strikeouts in his 51 innings, but walked only 11 (0.86 WHIP), he looks to be ready for that role. My guess is that he moves up multiple levels again next year.

Deivi is absolutely not a sure thing. But it’s amazing how close he is to one, and we are only at number 19. Let’s move on.

Earlier this year I wrote on many of the Yankees best prospects in this article on the players drafted this year, or this one on the 2014 International Signing class, or even this one that served as a mid-season farm report. So, for many, this will be more of an update than an introduction, starting with…

(18) SP Glenn Otto: 21/Staten Island


The Yankees have shown a propensity for boom or bust players; Glenn Otto is one such player. Drafted in June, the signs so far point to Glenn becoming, “something remarkable”. In a scant six games and 12.1 IP, Otto has a 1.46 ERA with 8 hits and 21 strikeouts.

That puts Glenn on the 2018 fast track, skipping levels and missing bats. If he can keep up the pace, he could become the next Luis Severino. Or the next Nathan Eovaldi, or Manny Banuelos.

But at least the promise remains strong for this very talented pitcher, and his prospects rankings will soon reflect that.

(17) SP Juan De Paula: 19/Staten Island


Juan might not have as gaudy of numbers as Otto or Stephan, but he is two years younger and successful at the same level.

De Paula’s had a good season: 47 innings pitched with 33 hits and 37 strikeouts, a 3.06 ERA and 1.13 WHIP. Even better is that De Paula might be getting even better. He has given up only two runs in his last four starts, both in the same game, giving him three shutouts during that time.

And his last two starts have been his two longest, six and then seven innings, both shutouts.

But Juan will only pitch 60 innings or so this year. He has a lot to learn about pitching, and a long way to go before he proves he can pitch two hundred innings in a season. But fortunately he has plenty of time to get there.