Yankees final farm report: The summer is ending but not the harvest

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(4) SP Chance Adams: 23/SWB


Adams is both the fourth ranked prospect in the Yankees system, and the last in a string of five pitchers in a row.

Chance started the season as the Yankees best pitching prospect and will end the season as the same. He also ends the season as the best pitcher in the International League. But evaluating Adams seems as hard for the Yankees as it does for me.

His numbers mostly say front line ace: a 2.16 ERA in 133 IP and only 86 hits allowed. Adams strikeouts are acceptable if not gaudy (122) but his WHIP is excellent: 1.03.

Adams has a command issue, though; it’s why he has gotten into the seventh only once in the last ten games. Length is an important component to starting pitching, even in the age of the bullpen.

Nonetheless, Adams will get a chance to show what he can do in the Arizona Fall League and in next year’s spring training.

Adams’ Family

The great news about Adams is that it is almost impossible for him not to provide major dividends. He might prove to be unable to go deep into games and become a very good five. Or he might put it all together and be a front-line stud.

But even if neither of those comes to pass, there will still be (National League) teams willing to trade somewhat valuable pieces for hm, taking a chance they can fix Adams and find an ace.

So, Adams has the real potential to be a true One. And that only makes him fourth on this list. Now on to the Big Three.