Yankees final farm report: The summer is ending but not the harvest

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(3) 3B Miguel Andujar: 22/SWB


What is there left to say about Andujar? He’s conquered every level by hitting for both average and power. Miguel has gotten 178 AB’s at Scranton and is currently hitting .326/.371/.528. And his season totals from both Trenton and Scranton are astounding.

Combined, Andujar has 137 hits in 431 at-bats, to go with his 15 home runs and 35 doubles. He has the best third-baseman’s arm anywhere on the farm and his defense has improved because of his great work ethic.

He still has work to do, but his improvement is noticeable and indicative of an even better future.

And now he is getting the recognition he deserves. I think if every player in the Yankees system was ranked on performance only over the last five years, Andujar would be their top prospect. He is a future player in the MLB, and possibly a star.

Miguel will be up in September to slowly take the job from Headley; he moves back as soon as Bird returns. He will return in the spring with the job ostensibly his, if he earns it. But no matter when Andujar arrives, he is the Yankees top-hitting third baseman of the near and distant future.

In most organizations, Adams or Andujar would be the top prospect. After all, both are big league players to one extent or another, and Miguel could be a star. But the Yankees still have two players with even greater P (potential).