Yankees: Five questions the team needs to ask themselves, pronto!

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The Yankees, like most teams still alive in the race to the Playoffs, reach a point in the season where some issues about the team need to be answered promptly because the sun is setting earlier every day now. Here’s a few they should be asking themselves.

The Yankees have been through the wringer this season. Some would argue they only have themselves to blame and maybe there’s an element of truth to that. But anyone who has followed this team for at least decade has to think long and hard to remember a season that’s been as odd as this one.

The prognosticators all picked the Yankees as a .500 team in the middle of transitioning from an ancient and expensive team to a young, athletic, and vibrant team that would tough to beat in a couple of years.

As we know, it didn’t work out that way, and here we are at the three-quarter pole, and the team holds the first Wild Card spot with an outside chance of snaring the Division from the Red Sox, despite the fact they’ve played sub-.500 baseball since getting off to a 21-9 start.

Injuries aside, because all teams have them, the Yankees, under the direction of Joe Girardi, have gelled both on and off the field. The veterans on the team have taken on new leadership roles in guiding the kids and making sure they learn all there is to know about the Yankees brand of baseball.

But there comes a time in the season when issues about the team need to be addressed by the Yankees soon, and especially the ones that have been kicked down the road for a while. How these issues are handled will, of course, have a significant bearing on where and how the Yankees end their season.

Here are a few of those issues and questions.