Yankees: Prepare for the next bomb to hit, Waiver Deals!

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The Yankees maneuvering to improve their team will not stop at 4:00 P.M. EST  on Monday when non-wavier deals are suspended. In fact, the fun is just beginning as the waiver wires will light up almost immediately. Here’s how the Yankees could figure as a participant.

Last season, you may recall the Yankees trying hard to rid themselves of the contract attached to Brian McCann before the deadline. There were no takers, but within a few days, McCann was placed on waivers by the Yankees, he cleared, and almost immediately was traded to the Astros.

And in 2000, the Yankees picked up Jose Canseco in a waiver deal with the A’s. At the time, no one could figure out why the Yankees would make the deal, but Canseco did deliver six home runs over 37 games with a pennant winning team.

This season promises to be no different as teams line up to make last minute moves before roster expand and waiver deals end on August 31.

If Gray isn’t dealt now, Billy Beane simply moves into the next phase of waiver deals, and failing that, onto the offseason.

One thing the waiver wire allows for is the dust to settle following the trade deadline. Teams re-group, and they have a plain vision of what other teams have done to improve themselves, and what they can do to overcome that.

A player like Justin Verlander, for instance, is not acceptable to anyone now due to his exorbitant contract. But in a couple of weeks, the Tiger may have extended their horrible season, come to their senses, and take what they can get for Verlander, including paying a portion of the money owed to him.

Sonny Gray could easily fall into that category too. By all appearances, Gray will not be wearing an Oakland uniform when the 2018 season begins. And if he isn’t dealt now, Billy Beane simply moves into the next phase of waiver deals, and failing that, onto the offseason.

Because, as Yogi Berra always said, “It ain’t over til it’s over.”

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Conversely, it works that way for the Yankees and the players they are trying to rid themselves of. Fortunately, there are few players in this category. Much like the Tigers and Verlander, Jacoby Ellsbury might fit, as would Tanaka if the Yankees indeed would like to part ways with him.

So, essentially what we have here are teams looking for two-month rentals trying to make deals now, and then teams who will be satisfied with a one-month rental when they see their chances develop further for a playoff spot.

Teams on the backend of a wild card spot might not move now on players like Lance Lynn, Denard Span, and Jay Bruce, just to name a few. But if they need that one guy to put them over the top later, waiver deals become made-to-order as a vehicle to suit their needs.

Teams like the Brewers, Cardinals, and Pirates come to mind as teams who could move in this direction. The Yankees, not so much, except if Gray is still available.

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So, as we approach the deadline, we should keep in mind that it ain’t over…………..

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