Yankees allow 24-hours of unprecedented access to war room

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4-ish AM

At some point, I realized I had fallen asleep. The lack of motion allowed the lights to turn off and I estimate the time to be a little after four. I heard a soft voice in the dark.

“Hello, is this the tooth fairy? I have something special for you. I found Judge’s broken tooth chip, and I’m ready to deal.

A dollar? For Aaron Judge’s tooth? Do you know how big he has gotten since you saw him last?

Oh, he was 6’7” even when he was 5, huh,; fair enough. Then you know that even a part of it has to be worth at least a couple hundred. But I was thinking about something more like wishes.

I can have three? Awesome; let’s start with getting the Red Sux out of first and the Yankees in. Do that today. Two, make David Price have to get Tommy John surgery. And, three, teach me a dirty joke, so funny even Prince Hal will laugh.

Um hum, yeah, okay, yeah, got it…and the ending once again…Rectum? Damned near killed ‘em…got it. That should do it.”