Yankees allow 24-hours of unprecedented access to war room

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12:01 a.m.

“Yankee’s media coordinator, Ms. Ingperson, here. The Times? You want some deep background to help you craft your story about the Rays letting that ball go through the infield in really, really embarrassing fashion? Of course, I can help.

Well, I would say, there was a frustrating moment that we thought would be a final one, until Gary was able to hit a ball that scooted—yeah I’m going to go with scooted, that’s my word for it—through the infield.

And what might have been dispiriting turned into a real, I’ll go with, a lifeline. Once again, that’s my word. I said it first. No plagiarism here.

I hope that helps you out. Do me one favor? Don’t print the stuff about Girardi calling the umps inconsistent, please. You’re a pal!”