Yankees will lose Aaron Judge forever starting next week

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Clear the Field

Baseball has always been about redemption: failing, picking yourself up, working hard, and finding success. Fans root for players more who have overcome adversity. We saw that. We saw Judge strike out in 41 of his 82 AB’s—a stat sure to be repeated numerous times next week—and look overwhelmed at the plate. He doesn’t even look whelmed anymore.

Now, it is the pitchers and the outfield fences that are overwhelmed. Judge seems the type to prove that next Tuesday. And the gods decreed it all.

And there is one more aspect that confirms that this was all a fait accompli, and that is with Mike Trout. Trout is the reigning best player in baseball as well as the ost exciting young player. But the powers that be decided to put him on the shelf for Judge’s debut season.

Why? Simply so the spotlight would be brighter and all for Aaron. With no Trout on the same stage, Tuesday will see Judge crowned the most exciting young player in the game.

Their best laid plans have all come true. Judge will walk out onto the field on Monday a Yankees star; he will walk back the true face of baseball. With his gap tooth grin and deferential attitude, he will conquer the larger baseball world as he has conquered Yankees nation. Fate seems so strong that anything is possible on those two days.

You will be able to see Judge moving into that larger sphere. Every time another big league player leans back and reflexively puts his hands to his mouth while he watches a Judge HR Derby blast hit the scoreboard, you can see Judge leaving. When Judge throws a bullet from right field, you can see him leaving.

And once he plays catch with a kid, he is gone forever.