Yankees will lose Aaron Judge forever starting next week

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The Start of a Beautiful Friendship

Judge will soon take a bite out of a bigger fruit than just the big apple. He seems well able to handle it.

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But after Monday and Tuesday, millions more will claim Judge as their own. And Aaron is too polite to not speak to them. When the team goes on the road, it will no longer be, “The Yankees, featuring Aaron Judge”. Instead, it will be, “Aaron Judge, Appearing in his hit smash, The Yankees”.

But not for us. He will always be the Aaron Judge we rooted for when he struggled and the Aaron Judge who had to fight to the last just to be the starting right fielder. We have already seen the interviews in which he refuses to put any spotlight on himself. It will be a revelation to the rest of the baseball world but it will be de rigueur for us.

He will still play for the Yankees and we will still get him most nights. But we will have to share him now, especially on his best nights. He will have new friends and other important things to do. Being the new face of the game has its requirements.

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One consolation is that Judge will be all ours on his bad nights or if the team does not win the World Series. “They” will have other things to do on those nights and Judge will have more time to answer when we call. Then, at those times and in those moments, he will be ours once again, at least until the next big home run.

But that’s when you need your true friends most, when you are struggling. We know that. And we will be there for him because he is our Aaron Judge.

And while we might not have Paris, at least we’ll always have the Bronx.