Yankees: If You Keep A Close Eye On Stats, Check This Out

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The Yankees. How are they measured by the stats so far? If you follow and believe in stats, check this out.

The Yankees, as a team in 2017, can be measured in a number of ways. Personally, I like to measure them by how they “feel” to me at any given time. But others prefer to look at numbers, whether that be the standings, team batting average, or even more complicated stats like something they call WAR.

So, if you are a numbers person, let’s take a look at how the Yankees rank as a team in a few of the commonly used stats categories as a means to rate the team so far in 2017.

Team Batting Average

Lo and behold, the Yankees trail only four teams in the major leagues with a team batting average of .262. The trouble may be, though, that one of those teams is the Boston Red Sox who are nearly twenty points ahead of them at .285.

Still, if the team can maintain this pace, it would be a marked improvement over last season when they finished at .252, with ten teams ahead of them.

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How About Runs Scored

This is usually the primary indicator of a team’s offensive production. Last season, the team was, at best, woeful in this category finishing at #22 out of thirty major league teams.

This year? Cheers again as the Yankees currently rank #5 in the majors and only Tampa Bay has outscored them thus far in the American League East.

Are The Yankees The Bronx “Bombers”?

Well, last year they barely escaped the bottom third in the majors with only183 home runs.

This season, though, that’s all changed, and they’re in third place, and that’s minus the power that was expected from injured Gary Sanchez and a still “trying to figure it out” Greg Bird.

Arrested For Speeding

In 2016, the Yankees finished with only 72 stolen bases, good enough for only number eighteen in the major league ranks.

This season, they already have amassed one-sixth of that total with 12 and rank #6 in stolen bases with Jacoby Ellsbury, Chase Headley, and Brett Gardner (when he manages to get on base) eagerly taking Joe Girardi‘s urging to run, run, run.

How About Strikeouts?

Would you believe that the New York Yankees rank #24 out of thirty teams so far this season in that rally killing, the inning-ending category of whiffs?

Though, this one’s a push as they finished #26 last year. But still, it’s a plus.

How’s The Pitching Doing?

Earned Run Average is the most commonly used stat to determine team pitching, so let’s see how we’re doing.

Last season, the Yankees fell just below the halfway mark in ERA with 4.16

Good news again as this year, the team ranks third best at 3.02, trailing only the Dodgers and Royals.

You Don’t Need A Weatherman…….

As Bob Dylan said many years ago, you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. All these stats are excellent are wonderful and, I guess, they serve to put a “stamp” on what we believe to be true.

But as I said, you can “feel” that the team the Yankees are putting on the field this year is different, and yes better, than the one we saw last season. And, you can also feel that this is just the beginning of something very special happening in the Bronx.

And it could be that we are in the infancy of another Yankees “run” that will dominate the rest of the decade and beyond. And just in case you don’t believe it, check the stats this year to prove it.