Yankees Grounded By Phillies – But Torres Stars Again


The Yankees got a taste of their own medicine today when the Philadelphia Phillies clobbered three home runs as they beat the Yankees in a Spring Training contest, 6-5. But once again, a guy name Gleyber stole the show.

The Yankees, and every other team in baseball as well as a good portion of fans, say that Spring Training games are meaningless. And from the standpoint that they don’t “count,” that would be an accurate statement. Except when it comes to a young player who has all the talent in the world and is trying to buck the odds of making the team this season. A player whose General Manager has publicly said will begin the season at Double-A Trenton – and that’s final!

At some point, Cashman will be asked, “Brian, what is the REAL reason you are holding this kid back?”

Except that it isn’t. At least not in the case of Gleyber Torres, who for the second straight day gave the team pause to reflect on that assessment and plan for Torres by Brian Cashman.

Yankees Face The Question: What About Torres?

On Friday, it was a sacrifice fly in an at-bat that caught the attention of Joe Girardi as a good piece of situational hitting that the Yankees sorely need. And this afternoon, it was two doubles, and two runs scored that caught the attention of everyone. If this keeps up, you won’t see Cashman anywhere near the Yankees camp for fear that he’ll have to answer that elephant in the room question, “Hey Brian, what about Torres?”

The kid is young, and Cashman could be correct in thinking that he needs more “seasoning” before he joins the big club. But when a kid is playing Mozart at the age of five, you don’t ask him to join his class for a kindergarten PTA sponsored recital for other five-year-olds. Do you?

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Such is the dilemma faced by the Yankees, who on the one hand must be jumping with glee at their prospects for the near future. But on the contrary, may be forced to reconsider what they do with this player who just won’t stop hitting and playing at a higher level than he’s supposed to be playing at.

They sent Torres to the Arizona Fall League to give him a chance to see major league quality pitching and for more seasoning. So, what did he do? He turns around and wins the Most Valuable Player award in the league. How unlucky can you get?

Another Question For The Yankees: Is It About Free Agency

As time moves on, though, and especially if Torres continues to excel, a crescendo will arise from write and fans alike begging the question, “Brian, can you say unequivocally that you are not holding Torres back in the minors this season to forestall his march to free agency?”

It’s a legitimate question. But it’s also one that should have no context for the New York Yankees, the richest team in baseball. And if anything, you would think that the team would gladly pay Torres his worth when he reaches that point. It’s all predicated, of course, by Torres and his ability to continue to light it up like been doing.

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It’s the Yankees move. And it’s also the most intriguing story of this year’s Spring Training Assembly in Tampa, Florida. The Yankees face the Toronto Blue Jays on Sunday in a 1:30 PM (EST) contest that will be televised by YES.