Yankees Talk: The Baby Bombers Now Have a Logo


In an age where branded marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry, the Yankees are capitalizing on the success of the Baby Bombers by unveiling a brand new logo.

First, there was the Internet uproar from the sneak peak of the Yankees brand new Spring Training cap. Featuring a white brim with navy blue pinstripes, fans either loved it or hated it. If you didn’t visit your Twitter feed that day, feelings swayed more towards the latter.

According to TimesLeader.com, now word has come that the Yankees’ Triple-A affiliate, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre has branded the first official Baby Bombers logo to be worn by the team on Sundays.

The logo, a scruffy looking baby (Danny DeVito-esque) is menacingly holding a bat while wearing a tiny Uncle Sam hat and sucking on a red pacifier. Team officials expect merchandise will be for sale as early as next month at the Railriders’ official team store and will consist of hats, T-shirts, and of course, baby apparel.

Following the success of the actual Baby Bombers at the big league level, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders president and COO Josh Olerud pitched the Yankees on the idea, and once approval was formally given, the team worked with a design company called Brandiose which has designed extravagant Minor League team logos in the past.

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"“We just said, ‘What about an actual baby? We want it to be meanish. Kind of cute and mean at the same time. Kind of that New York grit, but something that the fans would find fun,” said Olerud. … It was really kind of built around when (Tyler Austin, Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez) started flying up like that, and really, our staff, we were at that game when (Austin and Judge) hit that historical home run, the back-to-backs, and everything we heard about on the radio that day when we were leaving back was all about the Baby Bombers.”"

Austin, who spent the better part of a year and a half in Scranton, and was in attendance for the Railriders’ Fan Fest gave a rave review about the new branding.

"“It’s a pretty special logo. … I’m pretty thrilled that, that’s going to be something on the hats. I think everybody around all of the baseball community is going to love that thing, said Austin.”"

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Ain’t that the truth! Not only do I want a sweet fitted hat with that baby’s mug on it, but I might just buy a onesie for when the day comes that I actually have a kid.