Quotes and Reactions from the Yankees Town Hall Meeting

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The Future Is Near

The Yankees organization chose Castro, Torres, Frazier, Kaprielian, and Adams to be the focus of this town hall meeting because the way these five players produce on the field from here on out means an awful lot to the level of success the Yankees achieve moving forward.

I applaud the Yankees for getting behind their young prospects, putting a face and some much-needed personality to the names many of us have written and spoke so highly about since 2015.

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In the age of social media, people crave instant access to just about everything — especially when it comes to better knowing their favorite players. And for all the previous success’ of the New York Yankees, they are in no way immune to that.

I look forward to watching each of these guys attain great success at the Major League level and engrain themselves in the winning culture of the Yankees alongside other young stars like Gary Sanchez, Greg Bird, Didi Gregorius, Dellin Betances and others.

We have entered a new era of baseball, my friends — ushered in by the likes of the Cubs, the Mets pitching staff, and the Indians to some extent. The Yankees simply need to put their own twist on it and reap the rewards of their patient approach.

Much like Brian Cashman said:

"“At the end of the day, we’re going to be in a position to do a number of things and maybe turn the clock back and be big-game hunters that we, and you, are accustomed to being. … We didn’t know the powder keg we were sitting on.”"

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Should Kaprelian’s words ring true, “we” the fans are in for a long run unabashed bragging.

"“There’s something to be said about this group, not only the ones that are here, but the ones that aren’t here.”"