Yankees Great Derek Jeter Continues to Personify Class


Though Derek Jeter‘s Yankees playing days are behind him, ‘The Captain’ still continues to amaze with his selflessness.

Is there anything you could say to Yankees icon Derek Jeter that he hasn’t already heard a thousand times? Perhaps not — but it doesn’t hurt to try. According to the New York Post, Jeter and his wife, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, Hannah Davis were dining at Bern’s Steakhouse in Tampa, Florida, near Jeter’s home when a man approached the couple.

While it would be a toss up for most guys over the age of 25 whether to compliment Jeter or his drop-dead gorgeous bride first, the unidentified male fan was overheard telling Jeter that Davis was, “Most beautiful in the world.” To which Jeter replied, “She is the best decision I have ever made.”

This coming from a guy who turned down a baseball scholarship from the University of Michigan, opting instead to sign with the New York Yankees after being selected in the first round of the 1992 amateur draft. And we all know how that turned out. I’d argue that Jeter’s made quite a few great decisions in his life, but have you seen his wife! Some guys are just blessed.

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Regardless, Jeter was so impressed by the well-timed compliment that the 14-time All-Star paid the fan’s entire dinner bill — there’s no word on exactly how much it cost.

Jeter (42) and Davis (26) were married last July in an intimate ceremony held in Napa, California. Many of Jeter’s ex-teammates were in attendance to wish the long-time bachelor off into matrimony.

If you remember, Jeter was associated with a laundry-list of well-known female celebrities during his hey-day. From Mariah Carey to Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Minka Kelly, Scarlett Johansson and so on…

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Yet for all the paparazzi that followed the Yankees shortstop during the span of his 20-year career, very few could say anything negative about ol’ No. 2. Sure, there was that one rumor of Jeter giving his “sleepovers” a goody box consolation prize, but without much evidence to go by, I tend to refute the tacky tale describing a man that is the definition of cool.