Could The New York Yankees Land Bryce Harper Before 2019?


Following news on Monday regarding Bryce Harper‘s future with the Washington Nationals, could the New York Yankees possibly acquire him before he hits free agency?

Bob Nightengale of USA Today Sports came out on Monday with information regarding Bryce Harper’s current situation with the Nationals: “Harper is seeking at least a 10-year contract that will likely pay him a minimum of $400 million, a high-ranking Nationals executive told USA TODAY Sports.”

Due to the high demand that the Nationals most likely will not be able to afford, Washington seems fully prepared to allow Harper to walk into free agency following the 2018 season and let him get that ridiculous contract elsewhere.

On the other hand, rather than letting him go and not getting anything for him, could they decide to make a blockbuster trade before he leaves?

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Let’s say at the 2018 trade deadline the Nationals have found themselves in a position where they are in the midst of a heavily competitive National League East race and find themselves well out of contention. It may seem unlikely after they cruised to a division title last year, but we’ve seen them collapse before.

Why wouldn’t they trade Harper prior to becoming a free agent and actually get something for him before he walks?

If the team that is able to trade for him is able to get him to fall in love with their team and city for those few months then they could find themselves being a potential landing spot for him in free agency. They would even have a few extra months to work out an extension if they are willing to be aggressive enough in negotiations.

If there was one team who would be the perfect landing spot for Harper in a few years, it would be the New York Yankees. Aside from the quiet, humble Mike Trout, Harper is the game’s biggest star and deserves to play on the game’s biggest stage.

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By that time, most of the team’s prospects will have evolved into All-Star caliber talents and they could potentially be just one key player away from playoff contention and Harper could undoubtedly be that final piece.