New York Yankees Editorial: Three Area’s That Need Improvement for Playoffs


These past few weeks the Yankees have become the Jekyll and Hyde team of the American League. Some games they look unstoppable, other games they look old, slow, and dead. With a one game Wild Card about to come up these are the three areas the Yankees need to address and be ready to go for game 163.

1. Who will play second base?

Recently it has been discovered that Stephen Drew has dealt with an ear infection, and has really effected his balance. This has left the door open for Dustin Ackley. Brian Cashman’s big deadline move has been really stepping up and providing the Yankees with a spark. When game 163 happens, I expect Ackley to start at second, and hopefully help the Yankees get to the AL Division Series.

2. Where will the runs come from?

Before August the Yankee offense was rolling. Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira were hitting bombs, and the Yankees were poised to run away with the division. Then August hit and it all went down the toilet. Tex got hurt, A-Rod hit the wall, the top of the order was not producing, and the Blue Jays took the division lead. The offense looks a little different, but still need to produce. The only reliable hitter in September has been Carlos Beltran. If the Yankees have any hope for the a deep postseason run, then the bats need to wake up.

3. Who will come on in relief?

The most concerning thing going into the playoffs is the bullpen, hands down. The Yankees have always had a problem in the sixth and seventh inning, but now the eighth and ninth aren’t as automatic either. In the beginning Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller were lights out, but its look like they have tired out down the stretch. Betances one minute cannot throw a strike, then the next he strikes out the batter on three pitches. Miller has not been as sharp in September. Hopefully Joe Girardi can give these guys some rest, since the division looks to be down.

If the Yankees can’t address these three area’s it’s safe to assume they won’t be playing in the American League Divisional Series or making a run at the World Series title.

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