New York Yankees Editorial: The Yankees Youth Movement Helping Down The Stretch


This past series with the Tampa Bay Rays it was the Yankees youngster’s that stepped up and helped the Yankees take two out of three. In Game one it was Slade Heathcott’s three run home run, then in the third game Luis Severino pitched great while Greg Bird carried the offense. These rookies are not just rookies. They have become vital parts to the team.

The Yankees have done a terrific job in managing Luis Severino this year. There was no Joba Rules or mismanagement like they did with Phil Hughes. Thanks to the way he was handled in the minor leagues, Luis Severino has no inning restrictions, and can be used in the playoffs. When Greg Bird talked about Severino he had nothing but praise to say about young pitcher.

"“I knew he would succeed,’ Bird said of Severino, ‘And it’s awesome to watch. I’m sure it’s as much fun for you guys as it is for me. He’s just a competitor. You know what you’re going to get every day when he goes out there and grabs the ball. You want to play behind him and you want to do well behind him.”"

Greg Bird may be a rookie by definition, but he is one of the boys, and continues to impress all the Yankees. It is very tough replacing the team’s MVP, but Greg Bird has filled the role very well. Bird has provided a steady and solid glove at first base. Bird has also been able to provide some great power for the Bronx Bombers. When Severino was asked about Greg Bird’s success he also had high praise.

"“Greg Bird is a great hitter,’ said Severino, who got his fourth win. ‘He’s a great hitter and a great first baseman. Every time he goes out there, he puts a good at-bat together.”"

When the Yankees were not willing to trade these two players people questioned Brian Cashmans motives. However, since both have been called up, they have become fixtures in the starting rotation, and the starting line up. These two mid-season call up will not be heading back to Scranton any time soon.

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