New York Yankees News: Adam Warren Returning To Rotation


The New York Yankees have had their share of pitching injuries this season and it hasn’t seemed to stop. Nathan Eovaldi is now out for at least two weeks and some are thinking until the post-season with elbow inflammation. Eovaldi suspected it could’ve happened during his start Saturday because ‘mechanics’ were off. In that start he went 5.1 innings, giving up three earned runs, but still recording seven strikeouts. Now that another black cloud has hovered over the Yankees’ starting rotation, how are they countering this injury?

As fans have hoped for ever since he was moved back to the bullpen, Adam Warren is set to return to the Yankees rotation. Though Eovaldi has been on a hot streak, Warren might be able to keep that rotation spot under control (at least from what was seen at the start of the year). Warren wasn’t the big strikeout pitcher some of the other starters are, but his ERA was lower than anyone else’s in the rotation and he was also seemingly getting better. After giving up four runs in three out of his first five starts, he than gave up three or less in each appearance.

Eovaldi’s injury is no excuse for the Yankees to start going south. In fact, the reality is this might be of help for the time being. CC Sabathia is returning Wednesday and his performance can go either way. He was looking more effective in the second half of the season. Should he and Warren give up no more than three runs per game, it should keep the  Yankees in position to continue winning.

Keep in mind Warren still needs to be stretched out before he makes a start. When exactly that first start will come is unknown, but it should be soon.

The next three weeks are going to be wild, and once again, I expect Joe Girardi to get the most out of this team despite all odds being against them.

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