New York Yankees Editorial: Exposing the Writers of Abused By The New York Yankees


There is another “Tell All” book about the Yankees called, Abuse By The New York Yankees. This tell all book are the stories told by a former equipment manager named Paul Priore. His co-writer for the book is Gary Toushek. Everybody is talking about how crazy, and how the stories just do not add up. I wanted to take a harder look at the writers of this book, since most people are just looking at the stories he told.

Paul Priore was fired in 1997, he claims that he was fired for being HIV positive, of course the court case was thrown out of the appeals court. In that very case he claimed players were bashing him for being gay and playing cruel pranks on him. The Yankees claimed they fired him, because they believed he was stealing items, and using those items to sell on the black market.  He was suing the Yankees for $50 million dollars, and was the whole was just dismissed in the appeal process.

Then in 2007, Deadspin wrote an article about Paul Priore looking for a ghost writer. He asked on Craigslist, and of course one writer, Gary Toushek, agreed to write this man’s story. It took eight years to write this book, and it was self-published, because no one else was willing to published the book.

Gary Toushek made a Youtube video, and discussed what he believed was the truth. Believe it or not,  he agreed that Paul Priore was telling the truth and trying to uncover a major Yankee scandal. In this twenty-minute video you clearly see Gary reading something to help him discuss the book. In the video they talked a lot about how Paul was sexually abused by three players, one including Mariano Rivera. Also in the video he talked how the Yankees were a corrupt organization in the George Steinbrenner era.

Personally, I think Paul Priore is a fantastic liar. He throws in accusation that could be accurate like, Cecil Fielder playing drunk. Then he mixes in outrageous claims that can be viewed as slander like, claiming sexual assault from Mariano Rivera, Jeff Nelson, and Bob Wickman and sexual bribery from Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada.

The courts ruled against Paul Priore in 1997 for the same claims that he is making now, but now he is saying that George Steinbrenner paid off the right people to get the court case dismissed. If there is one thing I do believe, it’s that there are three sides to a story, (your side, their side, and the truth) and that is exactly what this book does not show. This a book that shows only one side of the story, and Paul Priore looks like a saint in this book.

Laugh out loud.

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