New York Yankees Editorial: Are The New York Yankees Done Signing Big Free Agents?


The winter before 2009 the Yankees were shedding about $90 million in payroll, and then added $60 million in yearly salary. In the 2013 it happened again. The Yankees had about $90 million dollars on the books, and then with big free agents the Yankees added about $75 million a year in payroll. In the next few years the Yankees will be losing lots of big contracts, but instead of signing the big free agent(s) like they’ve done in the past, the Yankees might elect to go a different route; relying on the youth.

Three positions in particular will be going to Yankee prospects instead of big name free agents. The easiest position to predict is second base. Every Yankee fan is praying to what ever god they believe in that Stephen Drew will not be resigned. The player to replacing him is Rob Refsnyder, and most believe he should be the opening day starter next come 2016.

Right now we are all getting a little taste of Greg Bird. Brian Cashman refused to put Bird in any trade deadline deals, and looks like he made the right decision. Mark Teixeira has a contract that will be expiring soon, and it’s highly likely that he will not be resigned. When 2017 starts, first base will be occupied full-time by Greg Bird.

With Carlos Beltran getting up there in age, the Yankees already have eyes on his replacement. Beltran’s replacement is the 6-foot-7 275 pound Aaron Judge. Not only is Judge going to take over Beltran’s place in 2017 at the latest, but people already think he could be the next big offensive leader of the New York Yankees.

When looking at the Yankees pitching rotation you do not expect them to make a big splash there either. Masahiro Tanaka is under 30 and is signed for a while. Nathan Eovaldi and Michael Pineda are still very young and can be retained with contract extensions. And obviously the phenom Luis Severino is projected as their future ace. Adam Warren was excellent as a starter this year. The hopes of signing a pitcher like David Price do not seem realistic, but the future looks great with the pitching staff when you look internally.

Now saying the Yankees are not going to spend money is like saying Donald Trump will be President in 2016. Can it happen? Sure.  But will it happen? No.

I believe the Yankees are shedding salary now so they can go after players like Bryce Harper, but it’s no secret that the Yankees have built quite a strong core through their farm system to compliment any future free-agent they might bring in.

Patience is certainly a virtue.

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