New York Yankees Editorial: CC Sabathia Winless Since July 8, Is Run Support The Problem?


While the New York Yankees won Tuesday night’s game against the Minnesota Twins, CC Sabathia was unable to record a win and received a no-decision, his fifth in his last six starts.

CC Sabathia hasn’t recorded a win since July 8, a 5-4 victory over the Oakland Athletics. Since that day, Sabathia had four straight no-decisions before getting a loss on Aug. 12 against the Cleveland Indians, his former club.

While many fans have called for Sabathia’s head, CC’s streak of winless games and no-decisions could have a lot to do with the Yankees not giving him run support. During Sabathia’s starts, the Yankees average 4.43 runs per game. In comparison, the 13-2 Nathan Eovaldi receives 5.54 runs per game and Mashiro Tanaka gets 5.67.

In three of his starts, the Yankees only scored one or two runs. And in the games were the Yankees ended up winning, the team put up runs after Sabathia exited the game.

During Tuesday night’s game, the Yankees didn’t begin the offensive onslaught until the seventh — an inning after CC Sabathia was gone.

Now, while run support could be to blame, some of the blame also has to fall on CC’s shoulders. You can argue that during his past starts, CC doesn’t put himself in line to win because he gives up runs.

Whatever the case with CC may be, it would benefit the team if CC could get some wins.