New York Yankees Editorial: How Did Michael Pineda Do In His First Rehab Start?


Yesterday evening in Trenton, Michael Pineda made his first rehab start since being put on the disable list. He was held to a pitch count of 45 pitches. Pineda was able to go three innings and threw 42 pitches. Pineda then went to the bullpen to throw three more pitches to reach 45.

In his start, Michael Pineda gave up two runs, allowed four hits, and did not walk or strike out any batter.

After the game, Michael Pineda talked to a flock of media members, asking how he felt after throwing for the Trenton Thunder.

"“I felt pretty good today,” Pineda said. Currently at this stage of his rehab, he feels, “more confident in his fastball. I feel like [the fastball] is normal, and I need to work on my slider and my changeup.”"

There was a plan that after this rehab start he could have been the Yankees sixth man of the rotation during this long stretch. After hearing the quotes from Michael Pineda, it may be best for everybody that Pineda gets another rehab start.

Joe Girardi has discussed that Pineda may be pushed a little harder than an average rehab out of necessity. After this start, however, it looks like Michael Pineda will need at least one more rehab start to sharpen his other pitches, especially his dominant slider. The good news was after the game Big Mike did not feel any discomfort and is clearly progressing.

A funny note that happened in the game was the radar gun that Trenton was using. One pitch Michael Pineda threw went for 99 mph. Pineda was asked after the game about that pitch.

"“I don’t know what my velocity was today, but it wasn’t 99 [mph],” he said. Pineda also said that he threw, “a lot of changeups,” to try to reestablish his command of the pitch."

The next step for Michael Pineda has not been announced, but should be a decision that Yankee fan’s pay very close attention too.

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