New York Yankees Editorial: Cashman Keeps His Word, And Gary Sanchez


New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman made it clear that the top four prospects were not to be touched for the year’s trade deadline, and it appears he had more than just those four in mind. While Aaron Judge, Luis Severino, Jorge Mateo, and Greg Bird were all reportedly safe, other prospects could’ve been up for grabs.p

This off-season the Yankees traded with the Atlanta Braves. They sent Manny Banuelos, someone who had been in the Yankees organization since 2008, to Atlanta for Chasen Shreve and David Carpenter. On the Yanks’ side, Carpenter didn’t work out, however Shreve has assumed a top bullpen role along with Dellin Betances. The deal seemed to work out generally positive, so it wasn’t hard for the Braves to call up the Yankees again for another possible trade.

The Braves were offering 28-year old outfielder Cameron Maybin, in hopes of receiving Yankees top catching prospect Gary Sanchez. The Yankees already find themselves with a rather large group of outfielders on the roster, and a day before this trade was offered, they traded for Dustin Ackleya utility-man who’s mostly going to spend time in the Yankees outfield. It certainly would’ve been interesting to see what Cashman would’ve done had they not made that trade, but I think he still would’ve kept Sanchez with his revival of power and maturity this season.

Sanchez has been between Tampa and Trenton since 2012, however, after a superb first half of the 2015 season and a spot on the 2015 Eastern League All-Star Team, he final earned a call up Triple-A Scranton.

Keep in mind the Yankees do still have John Ryan Murphy and Austin Romine in the minors behind Brian McCann, but that brings up a different situation for a different day.

Are you happy with the direction Brian Cashman has gone? It seems he is really looking at the team in a future perspective, instead of the 2000’s ‘win now’ ethic.

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