New York Yankees Editorial: Will Derek Jeter Get A-Rod To Write A Players’ Tribune Post?


Though ex-New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter isn’t missing baseball and has stayed away from it, he is still keeping busy. He continues to build his media platform, ‘The Players’ Tribune’ with increased funding and support from top named publishing companies. The site is still growing, and it welcomes fans of all sports and stories.

The site consists of players from all those different sports contributing on some of their personal experiences. Most recent stories on the site are those of Green Bay Packers’ receiver Devante Adams, or Jacksonville Jaguars’ Allen Robinson, these being found in a slot called the ‘Starting Lineup’. Now looking into the near future, who better to have write on the site other than Derek’s former teammate, Alex Rodriguez. With a number of great things going on for A-Rod lately, not only would it be great to see, but it could get major traffic to Jete’s new site. So of course with that being an option, he was asked if he would try to go out and have Alex write a small sample piece for the site.

"“No, I’m not going to start calling people like I’m a member of the media and say, ‘Hey, I’ve got this idea for you.” Jeter followed. “I would not be comfortable doing that with anyone”."

Jeter’s view of it is understandable, he was never forward with the media and always tried his best to keep out of the headlines, so why would he want to do that himself just because he’s done playing?

As for A-Rod possibly giving some insider details for The Players’ Tribune, it is very enticing. Would you like to see Alex take part in this favor for Jeter? What would you want to hear about? There are all too many options it seems with the rejuvenation of A-Rods’ career.

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