New York Yankees Editorial: What to Make of Mark Teixeira’s Blow Up?


Monday night Mark Teixeira was out of character. Tex was thrown out at the plate in Monday’s game by a fair amount. Mark Teixeira did not blow a signal to stop by the third base coach, instead the third base coach made a huge error. Joe Espada, the third base coach, told Tex “Easy Easy,” instead of stopping at third base. The result was not positive for the Yankees, as Tex was thrown out and was visibly angry at Joe Espada. After the game reporters asked Tex about the innocent.

"‘There was no miscommunication,’ Teixeira said. ‘Joe just told me, ‘Easy, easy,’ which means there’s going to be no play at the plate. It’s just a mistake. … That can’t happen. I’m sure it won’t ever happen again. It can’t happen. ‘"

You can clearly tell Teixeira was still mad from the incident. I believe Teixeira was worried about sustaining an injury. Joe Espada clearly was upset about it, and apolgized almost immediately after the play.

"‘You know what, it was my call,’ Espada said. ‘I told him to take it easy. I wasn’t expecting a throw. As a third-base coach, I just really try to make sure that some of those guys, they avoid slides and take it easy on their legs. I wasn’t expecting a throw, so it was my fault. I was responsible for that call.’"

In the post game, Mark Teixeira continued to throw the third base coach under the bus, and I believe that was over the line.

"‘Joe is great. I love Joe Espada,’ Teixeira said. ‘He apologized and it’s over with. But it’s a big mistake.’"

With this quote I think Tex went over the line. There was no need to add the big mistake part. He could have just squashed the whole thing, but he had to add that extra jab. This was very out of character for Mark Teixeira, and this isn’t the attitude the Yankees are looking for as they gear up for a playoff push.

What do you think of Mark Teixeira outburst? Will his outburst have any lasting effects? Let us know in the comments below!

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