New York Yankees Editorial: CC Losing His Rotation Spot?


The New York Yankees are pulling away from the division as they continue their red-hot month of July. Things could get even more interesting with the trade deadline coming up, and the Yankees biggest need probably being another arm. CC Sabathia has been struggling again after having two good starts, which had the organization hoping he could get that down consistently. Now after the bad start, a lot is riding on Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi, whether a trade for a starter is needed, and whether a move to the bullpen for CC is necessary as well.

A good starter option is Jeff Samardzija, who has been bouncing between teams in the last two seasons. He unfortunately comes with a bigger price tag of $9.8M, and control over him only lasts for the  rest of the 2015 season. A second starter option is Mike Leake, who I think is a better option than Samardzija (starter wise), despite him having nearly the same exact contract, Leake is younger and could be easier to bring back next season on a new contract. Last night Leake pitched eight shutout innings in potentially his last start as a Cincinnati Red.

If the Yankees get another top reliever it’d help them compete with the Royals, especially after they picked up Johnny Cueto and Ben Zobrist. The emergence of Chasen Shreve has given fans the same feeling of comfort that they get with Dellin Betances or Andrew Miller. Should the Yankees pick up Aroldis Chapman and plug him in at the closer role, it then moves the bullpen back. Miller will be a setup man, while also being still available for saves. Betances will move to the seventh inning while Shreve and Justin Wilson will be the top guys for sixth inning. Chapman’s contract also gives the Yankees control of him through 2016, he’ll only be 28, and it’d be hard to imagine the Yankees not giving him a nice contract after then.

Should the Yankees elect to move CC to the bullpen, they might have Warren take his spot at least for now, but you’d have to believe a starting pitcher will be headed to the Bronx before Friday.

Brian Cashman has a couple days left to get it figured out. Interestingly enough, CC’s next start is on the same day as the MLB Trade Deadline.

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