New York Yankees News: Brian Cashman Talks More On Deadline


As the New York Yankees continue to build their lead in the American League East and the trade deadline gets closer, there are a number of options the team can go with. One would be sit still and bank on the current squad they have, the other would be to make a move to take them to the next level. A move that would not only to seal the division almost immediately, but give the team better assurance of being contenders in the post-season. Yankees GM Brian Cashman has been getting more and more questions on the matter to get a notion on what he might do. So far, just as Cashman always does so well, he’s giving mixed signals. Here’s his latest thoughts on the team’s situation as they near July 31st.

No one on the team is “Untouchable” and that goes for Aaron Judge and Luis Severino as well. Of course dealing the top two players on the Yankees prospect list would be part of a blockbuster deal, and the Yankees simply do not need that. What they’re looking for is more of a supporting act to add more meat to some thin spots like the starting rotation or even bullpen. The rotation is obviously more of an ideal position for help, because whether you like it or not, the questions that surrounded those five guys in the Spring are still there moving forward. As Cashman has said before he’s “open to anything” and sees that “prospects are suspect.”

The pitcher with the most Yankees buzz around him has been Johnny Cueto, but he seems to be a more important pick-up for a team like the Kansas City Royals, who despite being 20 games over .500, don’t have a rotation as good as the Yankees. A name who had the Yankees listening around the trade deadline last year as well was Jeff Samardzija, as he went from the Cubs to the White Sox. The White Sox are presumably out of contention (as of now) for any sniff of the post-season, and with numerous additions this off-season, could use something new to a problem that seems to not be working itself out.

The Yankees could use a utility player like Ben Zobrist, but If Cashman is already hesitant on making any moves as it is, I doubt he’d give young (or younger) talent away for a 34 year-old rental player who’s as good as gone at the end of the 2015 season.

Brian Cashman continues to be a mystery man as the trade deadline nears, and as of right now, I’d say it’s looking more and more likely the Yanks’ will stay as is come July 31st.

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