New York Yankees Editorial: The Yankees Have Owned the Orioles This Year


Last year the Baltimore Orioles ran away with the AL East, because they could beat up their division opponents. Oh what a difference a year makes! This year, the Yankees have dominated the Orioles, and have started to run away with the division lead.

Last year, the Orioles were able to have a great bullpen, especially after acquiring Andrew Miller during last years trade deadline. The O’s had a consistent power threat in Nelson Cruz as their DH.  The O’s also had a key clubhouse guy in Nick Markakis who was a key piece of the lineup. All three players left, and Buck Showalter and the O’s just have not been able to fill the void of those three pieces. Showalter joked with the media about Andrew Miller.

"‘I know Andrew Miller’s not going anywhere this year,’ Showalter said of the Yankees’ closer. ‘We ain’t got a shot at him, do we?’"

The Orioles believed a bounce back year from Chris Davis, Manny Machado coming back from injury, and Matt Wieters also coming back from Tommy John would help fill the holes in their lineup.  While Machado has been the Orioles MVP, the other two have not been able to pick up the slack.

After being swept by the Yankees this week, the Orioles have dropped considerably in the A.L East standings. Coming into this series the Orioles were four games out, and had positive thoughts going into the series. If they were able to sweep they would have been one game from first, and feeling great about themselves. Instead it was polar opposites. They were swept by the Yankees, and are now seven games out of the division lead. They also fell below .500 in this series.

Now with a week left till the trade deadline, the Yankees might have just made the Orioles seller’s at the deadline, giving them one less team to worry about down the stretch.

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